we are ineffable

our belief

Founded to develop applications based in the growing field of mobile and Iot, we are the parent company of several small ventures and software applications. Our core purpose focuses on deriving tangible products from original ideas through navigating and utilizing the most current technology available. Our name, nfabl, is short for ineffable meaning incapable of being expressed in words. Our work endeavors to inspire and ignite this feeling in our employees, clients and customers.


Here are a few of the concepts we are currently bringing to life.

Head Over Heat
A ratings site for all things hot.
This application, with both mobile and web interfaces, will provide ratings for salsas and hot sauces across the US marketplace. Each item will be ranked in several categories and a mobile scanning feature will allow you to quickly find and see rankings for an individual salsa the next time your wondering what to buy in the supermarket.
MTI Mobile Application
A mobile platform for athletic training programs.
This application was developed with Gliffen Designs for Mountain Tactical Institute to allow their users to have a mobile interface to view their training programs, take session notes and view saved programs offline. To find out more about Mountain Tactical Institute, please visit their website.


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